About the centre

Ranolf Medical Centre was established in 1980.  We have a long history of providing primary health care to individuals and families in Rotorua.

Over the last 40+ years, we have grown from a small clinic to be Rotorua’s largest General Practice with over 10,000 patients.

After hours

Where do I go if I need medical attention after hours?

To see a doctor after hours you will need to visit Lakes PrimeCare or go to the emergency department at Rotorua Hospital. You can also call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

If you need urgent help please don’t hesitate to call 111 for an ambulance.


How can I contact my clinician?

To contact your clinician:

  • Call us on 07 347 7537. If your clinician is unavailable, our receptionists will take a message and your clinician will call you back
  • Email us
  • Use the MyIndici online service that helps you manage your health needs.  Please talk to our friendly staff at reception if you want a login

Alternatively if you have questions about your health you can contact a Practice Nurse.

Clinician appointments

Who will I see when my clinician is away?

At Ranolf we are able to provide continuity of care even when your usual clinician is away. You can choose to see any of our clinicians at the centre.

If you are not sure who you should see, our Practice Nurses will be happy to advise you.

Can I bring a support person to my appointment?

Yes, we understand that may feel more comfortable if you bring along a support person to your appointments.

How long is a standard consultation? What if I need longer with my clinician?

Our standard appointment is 15 minutes long.

If you have several health matters to discuss with your clinician or think you may need longer please mention this to our staff when you are making your appointment.

We can arrange for a longer appointment to ensure you have enough time with your clinician to discuss your health needs.  Please note that additional consultation fees will apply.

Do I have to make an appointment?

We recommend that you call to make an appointment.  If your own clinician is not available we will provide the option of seeing an alternative clinician. You can also normally make appointments via MyIndici, although this function is currently turned off.

How do I make an appointment?

It’s easy to make an appointment at Ranolf Medical Centre.  Call our friendly staff on 07 347 7537.

When are doctors available for appointments?
Dr Anna Gray8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm
Dr Ben Taylor8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm
Dr Dane Sorrenson8.30am – 5pm8.30am – 5pm8.30am – 5pm
Dr Joanna O’Keefe9am – 4:30pm9am – 4:30pm9am – 4:30pm9am – 1pm
Dr Michael Grant8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm
Dr Mike Newman8.30am – 5pm8.30am – 1pm8.30am – 1pm8.30am – 5pm
Dr Sharon Lovegrove7.30am – 4pm7.30am – 4pm7.30am – 4pm7.30am – 4pm
Dr Tyson Ball8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm8am – 5pm
What if I there are no appointments available?

In the rear situation that there are no appointments available with any of our clinicians, we will take your name and number and call you if we have a cancellation.

If it is an urgent health matter, our reception staff will put your call through to a nurse to discuss if we can help you. We may suggest you see a clinician at Lakes PrimeCare.

Can a clinician see me at home?

Yes, it is possible for a clinician to see you at home, but only if necessary.

We can arrange clinician home visits for the elderly and frail, or if you are severely unwell and cannot make it to the Centre.  Please ask to speak to one of our nurses, if you think a house call may be necessary.

What do I do if I need help from my clinician and Ranolf Medical Centre is closed?

If you need urgent help please don’t hesitate to call 111 for an ambulance.

To see a clinician after hours you will need to visit Lakes PrimeCare or go to the emergency department at Rotorua Hospital.

Location & parking

Where is Ranolf Medical Centre?

Our main entrance is at 59 Ranolf Street, Rotorua.

We also have an entrance and parking on King Street, Rotorua.

Is there parking?

Ample parking can be found in front of our building on Ranolf Street and our entrance on King Street.  Both car parks include disability and parent & children car parks close to the doors.


When do I have to pay for my consultation?

We appreciate payment on the day of your doctors consultation or treatment.  We understand that sometimes this isn’t possible and if this occurs a $15 account fee will be applied.  If payment is received within 48 hours the account fee will be waived.

You can also set-up an automatic payment to help manage the payment of your medical costs.

Your health and well-being is important to us.  If for any reason you are concerned about how you will pay for your medical care at Ranolf please talk to your doctor or staff at reception and they will be able to talk you through the options available.

What payment options are there?

You can pay your medical costs by cash, EFTPOS or with a VISA or Mastercard credit card. You can also set-up an automatic payment to help manage the payment of your medical costs.

You can also pay using Stripe to pay through MyIndici – or by using our online banking details below.

Ranolf Medical Centre LTD

Please use your name and your chart number as the reference details.


Is there a charge for repeat prescriptions or referral letters?

Yes there is a $19 charge for standard repeat prescriptions with 48 hours notice and some referrals incur a $20 charge.  Please check with your clinician for charges.  Further information about our fees can be found here.

Where can I get my prescriptions filled?

Your prescription can be emailed to any pharmacy in New Zealand. Ranolf Pharmacy is conveniently located inside the Ranolf Medical Centre building.  In most cases, they can fill your prescription while you wait following your clinician consultation.

What if I need a repeat prescription?

To request a repeat prescription please call us on 07 347 7537 to speak to one of our receptionists.  They will take your request and your contact details and pass the request on to be processed by nurse/Doctor.

Patients can also request repeat prescriptions through the myindici online system.

If a repeat prescription can be issued without you needing a clinician’s consultation, the prescription will be emailed to a pharmacy of your choice 48 hours after requesting it.

If you need a consultation to have the prescription issued, a nurse will call you to let you know and book a time.

For patients who have long term medication they will need at least one annual medical review by their doctor, most will need a medical review six monthly and some three monthly or even monthly.  Please discuss the frequency of your medical reviews with your doctor at your next appointment.

Please note there are fees for repeat prescriptions.

Test results and medical records

How do I find out test results?

Your doctor will let you know how you will be informed about your test results.

If you have a login for myindici you will be able to see your test results online.

Can I access my medical records?

We offer access to your medical records through an online system called myindici. If you have any queries about accessing or to request a logon to myindici please talk to one of our helpful receptionists.