Our practice services

We provide a full range of health services to ensure you and your family can access expert advice when you need it - whether virtually, face-to-face or at your home.

To ensure you’re able to access health advice as quickly as possible, we provide a range of choices in who you see, how you’re seen and when you’re seen. Find out more here.

You can also use the filters below to view our practice services.

  • Blood pressure monitoring

    Check your blood pressure at home, over a 24 hour period. This gives us a much more accurate picture of what your blood pressure really is, sometimes at the surgery it can be artificially high. We call this Ambulatory Blood Pressure measurement. High blood pressure can lead to kidney problems, heart disease and stroke. It’s important to measure BP accurately, so we make sure you are on exactly the treatment you need.

  • Bowel health

    New Zealand has relatively poor record with bowel cancer compared with other similar countries. The new screening programme will make a difference, but this is only for over 65s and younger people can get bowel cancer. If you notice a change in your bowel habit, rectal bleeding or unexplained weight loss please come in and see us. Remember there are many possibly causes for your symptoms, and bowel cancer is not likely, but early diagnosis and treatment can make a great difference.

  • Cardiovascular screening

    Cardiovascular risk assessment means checking your risk of heart attack or stroke, the leading causes of preventable harm in New Zealand. This means a simple check up and blood tests. Prevention really is better than cure!

  • Contraception

    Choosing the right contraception can sometimes be a bit bewildering. We help you find the best solution for you, and help make sure it is safe, and effective.

  • Dive medicals

    Want to get your scuba diving certification? We can carry out medical examinations.

  • Domestic violence

    Concerned about your partner or potential violence? Please talk to us about it or visit http://areyouok.org.nz/.

  • Driving medical

    We assess whether drivers are medically fit to be on the road, and provide the NZ Transport Agency medical certificate needed to renew or replace drivers licences.

  • Drug and alcohol testing

    Concerned about your partner or potential violence? Please talk to us about it or visit http://areyouok.org.nz/.

  • Ear suction

    We have state of the art suction equipment for removing ear wax. It is much safer than syringing your ear (which can rarely perforate the ear drum).

  • Early pregnancy

    We provide pregnancy counselling, check-ups and arrange the recommended laboratory and ultrasound tests for the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy.

  • ECG

    We can perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) at the surgery. This is a simple painless test that can give us useful information about heart function, particulary for patients with high blood pressure, chest pains or palpitations.

  • Fertility checks

    Anxiety about fertility is common, and can be very stressful. If you are worried come for a friendly chat about what’s best for you.

  • Flu vaccinations

    We can provide flu vaccinations for individuals and organisations. Whether we come to you – or your team visit us – we can help protect them from the flu (and provide a bulk invoice once done).

  • Hearing test

    We provide full hearing tests to see if hearing loss is present.

  • Home visits

    If you’re unable to travel or meet virtually, we can arrange for home visits within the Rotorua region.

  • Infusion clinics

    We provide a range of intravenous infusion treatments including Ferinject (for treating iron deficiencies), Aclasta (for treating osteoporosis) and antibiotics and fluids for other specific conditions.

  • Lab tests

    Our medical centre assistants can do blood and other laboratory tests between 08:00-16:00 on Monday to Friday. This if often faster and more convenient than going to the laboratory. Call reception to arrange a suitable time. To find out more about lab tests and what the results mean visit the excellent site listed below.

  • Special medicals

    We provide company and pre-employment medicals (and comprehensive medical reports) that are structured to suit your workplace needs.

  • Mental health

    We make the first step of asking for help and advice as easy as possible – and can help you access a range of support.

  • Minor surgery

    We can remove skin cancers, lumps and bumps.

  • Prostate checks

    A friendly chat about one small little gland might save you a whole world of problems when you get older.

  • Breast health

    Speak to us if you have concerns, a family history of breast cancer or want to get your free mammogram.

  • Sexual health checks

    If you have any concerns about sexual health and sexuality, to discuss contraception, to get a check-up, or for any other issue, we can help.

  • Skin clinic

    We provide full skin cancer checks – and treatments for a range of issues including simple lesion removal, punch and save biopsies, wart and sunspot removal and incision and drainage of abscesses.

  • Sleep test

    If you are worried that you or your partner might have Sleep Apnoea check this brief questionnaire, and come in and see us. We can test for sleep apnea and other potentially serious sleep disorders.

  • Smear tests

    Having regular smear tests is the best way to prevent cervical cancer. We can detect and treat abnormal cell changes before anything more serious develops.

  • Spirometry

    This is a test of your lung function. It can help diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing.

  • Steroid injections

    Cortisone steroid injections can help settle pain and improve movement in inflamed joints, tendons and soft tissues – if other options don’t help or are unavailable.

  • Travel medicines advice and vaccination services

    Remember travel? If you are planning overseas travel come in and see us. We provide vaccinations, medication and advice. Some vaccinations will need several doses over several months, so do come in early, ideally 6-8 weeks before travelling.

  • Childhood immunisations

    We offer the full schedule of vaccinations to keep your children safe.

  • Ingrowing toe nails

    If you have an ingrown nail or recurring infection, we can perform a wedge resection to remove the ingrown toe nail.

  • Workplace health & ACC assessments

    We work on behalf of ACC, insurance companies, employers and private individuals to assess workplaces and help get people back to work after injuries or physical/mental health issues.

  • Cryotherapy

    We use liquid nitrogen to treat small skin lesions such as warts, skin tags and sun damaged areas.

  • Acute medical problems

    If you have an urgent problem call the surgery and one of our doctors will call you back to discuss this with you. We can provide same day consultations for acute problems, including a daily respiratory clinic.

  • Well child care

    We provide appointments for routine child wellness checks to support children and their whanau.

  • Outside our hours

    All our doctors contribute to the town wide after hours clinic at Lakes Primecare. If you ring the surgery number your call will be directed to Lakes Primecare. Healthline is also available for health advice and information on 0800 611 116

  • Advanced care planning

    If you’re facing the last few years of your life, how you’d like the health service to look after you? Too often this is one of the most important conversations that we don’t have! But we can help, so come in and start the conversation.