This fees schedule applies for patients enrolled at Ranolf Medical Centre, or who are enrolled with another doctor in the Rotorua Area Primary Health Service (RAPHS). In addition to the consultation fee, there may be additional charges for materials, procedures or miscellaneous items. Fees are based on a standard 15-minute consultation.

Medical & ACC Consultations

Patients enrolled with Ranolf Medical Centre

With CSC

AgeDoctorNurse PractitionerNurse
14 – 17$13.50$13.50$11.00
18 – 24$19.50$19.50$13.00
25 – 44$19.50$19.50$13.00
45 – 64$19.50$19.50$13.00

Without CSC

AgeDoctorNurse PractitionerNurse
14 – 17$40.00$40.00$22.00
18 – 24$48.00$48.00$27.00
25 – 44$49.50$49.50$28.50
45 – 64$49.50$49.50$28.50

Non PHO Consultation Fees

Patients not enrolled with Ranolf Medical Centre (includes NZ, Australian and UK residents).

With CSC

AgeDoctorNurse PractitionerNurse
0 – 5$26.00$26.00$14.00
6 – 13$57.00$57.00$27.00
14 – 17$67.00$67.00$29.00
18 +$93.00$93.00$51.00

Without CSC

AgeDoctorNurse PractitionerNurse
0 – 5$36.00$36.00$25.00
6 – 13$67.00$67.00$38.00
14 – 17$77.00$77.00$40.00
18 +$103.00$103.00$62.00

Non Reciprocal Consultations

Visitors not residing in NZ from countries other than NZ, Australia and UK.

DoctorNurse PractitionerNurse
All Ages$170.00$170.00$77.00

Please note:

  • These fees are for ‘A Standard Consultation’, ie a consultation that is paid for on the day of consultation.  If payment is not made on the day of consultation, there will be an additional charge of $15. We are happy to discuss special arrangements if you have difficulty paying your medical fees.  Please feel free to discuss this with us.
  • MyIndici online consultations may incur a fee ranging from $0 to $49.50.
  • All missed appointments will incur a fee regardless of age.  
  • New Government subsidies are only for standard medical consultations.  They do not cover medical examinations for driving licence renewal, sports examinations or pre-employment medicals.
  • Payment is expected at the time of consultation.   We understand that in exceptional circumstances this may not be possible.  We are happy to discuss other payment options with you

Further information on fees

For information on our fees for procedures, medical examinations and other costs please click me

The above fees are correct as at of June 2023 and are subject to change.  For the most up to date information on fees please ask at reception.

Bank account details

Our bank account details follows for those of you that want to pay directly into our bank account.

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Please use your name and your chart number as the reference details.