Your choices in who, how and when you’re seen

At Ranolf Medical Centre, we’re extremely proud of the fact that we’re able to offer our patients access to expert health care advice without lengthy waits. 

Across NZ, it’s become harder to get an appointment with a GP when you need it. That’s why we’ve taken a different approach – and are able to provide you with greater choice in who you see, how you’re seen and when you’re seen.

A choice in who you see: 

In addition to GP’s, you can consult with a wide range of different health care providers at Ranolf Medical Centre. 

  • Medical Centre Assistants (MCAs) are fully trained to deliver lab tests, ECGs, breathing tests (spirometry), alcohol and drug tests, and support with driving or employment medical examinations. Our MCAs are Nel, Ian and Christine.
  • Prescribing Nurses are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of less serious health problems including common acute infections and regular check-ups (such as for contraception or blood pressure pills). Our Prescribing Nurses are Lisa and Rosanna.
  • Nurse Practitioners have completed a Masters Degree in Nursing and have a wide range of specialist nursing skills. They can diagnose, order lab tests and x-rays, and prescribe treatments. Our Nurse Practitioners are Rose and Caerlie. 

A choice in how you’re seen: 

In addition to in-person or face-to-face visits, you can now request different types of virtual consultations that will save you time travelling to and waiting at the surgery. 

  • Phone consultations can be used to address many health issues or to order tests before you’re seen – saving you from having to visit Ranolf Medical Centre twice
  • Email consultations can be a safe and convenient way to keep in touch about simple problems or follow up after a face-to-face visit.
  • Video consultations may be more convenient than coming into the surgery – especially if you’re based out of town or are a busy parent.

A choice in when you’re seen:

The changes outlined above mean you have much more flexibility around when you can be seen. 

  • If your problem is urgent, we’ll see you that day (however you may not be able to see your preferred doctor or nurse). 
  • If your problem isn’t urgent, you’ll be able to have a consultation with your preferred doctor or nurse within a few days. 

When you call for an appointment, a doctor or nurse will call you back to discuss your problem and the best way to manage it. This is called Triage, and helps us to ensure the sickest patients are seen first. 

If you need repeat prescriptions:

Many of our patients on long-term medication can request repeat prescriptions simply by phoning or emailing Ranolf Medical Centre – or using MyIndici. Please allow 48 hours. 

We may need you to come into the Medical Centre in person. If we do ask you to visit us, please remember we are only doing so for your own safety and best interests.