Health Care Home

We are so happy to announce that we have officially become a Health Care Home. 

Being a health care home means that we have been listening to you feedback over the years and have made lots of changes to improve our processes and make us more efficient : 

Examples of some changes are  

  • clinical triage (getting a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to phone you back if you need urgent care) 
  • encouraging you to use the portal / patient app (myindici) to contact us and order your prescriptions 
  • offering other options such as phone and video consults rather than having to come into the practice each time
  • introducing new roles within the practice so that you have more choice who see (Nurse Practitioners / Designated Nurse Prescribers / Practice Care Assistants)
  • better care planning so that you know when to see us next and who you are seeing 

Published on: 26 October 2021